Thursday, February 12, 2009

Point, Line, Plane, etc...


I like this site because it is fun. It shows good use of both line and plane that are used in a fashion that is isn't seen too often. The whole image consists of lines (all of the same thickness) and these lines make up small images and by grouping all of the images tightly together it creates a kind of plane. This plane seems fairly flat and continuous, that is because of the use of a single color and the even spread of white space across it.
There seems to be point line and plane everywhere you look in this site. The main elements are the lines that meander across the page. By using multiples of this red line that all follow the same path it creates a plane, but when you think about it it's still only a grouping of lines. The images in the background on both the left and the right of the page use both points and lines to create a delicate texture that kind of fades into the background. I also like how the site title 'toucouleur' uses lines and planes as well and helps unify the whole site.

I am a big stop motion fan, so for point, line and plane I chose a piece that was made for Minilogue. It is all done on a white board and concentrates a lot on the line. I like the idea of how lines can turn into planes and then into completely different planes and then maybe back into lines and then again into something completely different. This is a fun and interesting use of line in a motion piece.


I think this site has a lovely sense of rhythm and balance. The 3 repeated center boxes are the main focus on the page and act as a grounding point. The 3 swirly vine like things around the page give the site its natural and fluid feel while drawing your eye in to the boxes in the center. There is strong but subtle repetition in this site which gives it a very unified feeling. There;s the repetition of the 3 boxes which are all the same size and same layout, there's the 3 swirly things, the same speech bubble logo inside the boxes, and the logo for blogsolid is the same shape repeated 3 times and fitted together like a puzzle.
This site, which I'm not going to say a lot about, shows good use of balance in a page design. The page is framed by a horizon line along the bottom and has a strong defining site title at the top. The information on the page is organized into 3 columns, with the outer columns being the same size - creating an even balance for the columns.

The is the opening title sequence for Hard Candy. I feel that this motion piece handles balance and rhythm very well. The rhythm is constant: smooth and clean and ties in with the dream-like music. The red square that we follow through the piece shows balance in each frame that it is in. Each time it stops, it works with the elements around it to create a perfect still image. White space and negative space is handled well and at no point does any element look out of place.


I like the texture in this site a lot. It gives the site it's warm earthy traditional kind of feel. This is a site for graphic designer Cameron Moll and I believe it is effective at obtaining clients. It is soothing and inviting and reminds me of hand made paper and other traditional crafts. I believe that clients will like the feeling that this site gives them and will be more likely to choose this designer because of it.
This site is all about the texture. It is one big gray scale paint or ink stain that serves as the background to the site. From what I could tell by looking at the about section of this site (which is all in French) the site seems to be for some kind of artist or web designer. Textures say a lot about the site and so from the use of this paint splatter we should have already presumed that this is a site for some kind of artist. The use of black and white may suggest that he is old fashioned and the haphazard feeling the site conveys may say a lot about the artist as well.
I'm not going to go into detail on this site, I just really liked the cracked texture it uses and wanted to point it out.

This is the title sequence for the film Lucio. The film is about a famous money and document forger, and so this motion piece uses a lot of paper textures in it. They are just simple paper textures, but they help set the movie's theme. A lot of the backgrounds are also magnified which provides an interesting composition and creates another different texture.


I think this site shows use of scale very well. The huge number 30s contrast the much smaller type in the page. We can see especially in the lower laft that the large 30s are on the verge of being transformed into a design element that sinks into the background. I like this use of scale because it takes ordinary things like recognizable numbers and scales them up and uses them in a way that they would not normally be used.
The scale in this site is obvious. Very large type is placed on an image of a cayenne pepper that is highly zoomed in so that the pepper appears huge. The type and the image work well together and provide a powerful opening image for the site. The site is effective at using small type as well which appears at the top of the page without distracting from the larger image.

I chose a coca cola commercial for my scale piece. Scale is obviously a large part of the commercial because it has the coke bottle portrayed as being huge, when we are used to it being much smaller. The interaction between all of the tiny characters and the large bottle is fun to watch and gives the viewer a whole new perspective on the product.

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